Signed Work is a place for creators to issue digitally signed work (sometimes called NFTs) to people, in a safe and secure way.

The system is based on cryptography but doesn't involve blockchains, which means:

Nobody can forge your signature. Not even us. Your secret signing keys are generated in your browser for you to keep privately. Your unique signatures can be verified by others using your certificate.

Our system is open, which means everyone is free (and encouraged) to keep their own copies of all the NFTs, certificates, original work, etc.

We are planning some new features to support creators.

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Latest NFTs

79d246 by @SignedWork issued to @mikekelly85

378db1 by @bitmarx issued to @mikekelly85

39238e by @oknoorap issued to @SignedWork

7c9234 by @0xjim issued to @0xjim

bb1126 by @mm_mm issued to @SignedWork

2e0f51 by @srinusirigina issued to @srinusirigina

c9ccd9 by @srinusirigina issued to @srinusirigina

f109ea by @kidehen issued to @kidehen